Spiritual Life at Westgate Christian School

Livestream Chapel Services

Join us weekly on Thursday mornings at 11:50 for a livestream of our teen chapel services.

This is a great opportunity to be encouraged by God’s Word and hear the enriching truths our students are receiving.

Small Group Chapel

Small Group Chapel

Periodic, informal small group time emphasizing biblical application. Teacher and faculty-led.

Weekly Chapel

Weekly Chapel

A separate elementary and secondary chapel every week. We sing, worship, and grow together.

Bible Class

Bible Class

Bible class is required for all students and is focused on spiritual understanding and growth at each age level.

School Camp

School Camp

A week of on-campus youth revival services for 6-12th grade students that includes lots of fun and competition.

As Westgate Christian School partners with parents, it’s our goal to develop the whole child. This means that our focus is expansive, including social and spiritual development. Jesus said,

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Our purpose is to support you, the parents, as you teach your children to first look to Christ and then depend upon Him for direction and provision. We believe that excelling in other areas, even academically, won’t secure their future the way a strong relationship with Jesus Christ will.

We have cultivated a culture at Westgate Christian School that encourages all our teachers and faculty to remain spiritually aware and prepared to minister to our students at any time. From our principal to our administrative staff, we seek to engage the students spiritually and be available when needed. 

Additionally, we intentionally incorporate opportunities for spiritual growth into our routine schedule. Not only will all students participate in weekly chapel services, but they will also engage with teachers and faculty during small group sessions. Students also have growth opportunities through daily Bible classes and our annual “School Camp that includes daily revival services for youth. 


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I want our students to know that they are loved. I want them to know that we pray for them and are here to help them.

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Our goal at Westgate Christian School is to teach students God-dependence.

Pastor Wooten

James Wooten

James Wooten

Senior Pastor/Bible Teacher

Benj Melton

Benj Melton

Youth Pastor/Bible Teacher

Small Group Chapel

Our middle school and high school students are divided into small groups that are led by a teacher or faculty member.

Small groups meet several times a semester. The informal, intimate setting allows for student questions and discussion about topics that more directly impact their lives.

Small group leaders use the opportunity to provide biblical insight and direction in a conversational manner.

Weekly Chapel Services

Our K-5 through 12th-grade students attend chapel every Thursday. Elementary and Secondary students have separate services tailored to meet their different spiritual needs.

Each service includes pledges, Scripture reading, worship songs, and the preaching of God’s Word. Several times a year, we hear from our Youth Pastor, Benj Melton and Pastor Wooten. But many weeks our students hear messages from special guest preachers.

Bible Class

Our students have a daily Bible class required for all students. This allows for a more in-depth study of Biblical truths with guided application. Our Bible teachers are passionate about God’s Word and sharing it with young people.

Elementary students have a scheduled time for Bible with their classroom teacher. In 6-9th grade, Bible class emphasizes the personal application of God’s Word during what can be challenging years. Bible class for 10th-12th grade students focuses on Bible doctrines and an in-depth understanding of the foundations of our faith.

School Camp Revival Services

Westgate Christian School holds a series of revival services for our secondary students during the first month of the school year. It’s a week of no classes and lots of fun designed to build unity among the staff and student body.

But our primary goal is to provide daily opportunities for God to work in our students’ lives. Each day they hear special preaching from a youth evangelist and are invited to make decisions as God is leading them.


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  • Elementary K5-5th grade
  • Middle School 6th-8th grade
  • High School 9th-12th grade
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