Speech & Drama

Westgate Christian School has existed since 1981 to train and encourage young people to grow spiritually and excel academically.

Speech & Drama

The Speech and Drama department at Westgate Christian School is made up of classroom instruction, speech and public speaking assignments, and informative field trips. Students learn the importance of vocal variety, production, and proper breathing techniques. They put these qualities into practice by delivering several speeches throughout the year.

Field trips to Bob Jones University's Rodeheaver Auditorium and, when applicable, to local drama productions add a special touch to the experience. At the end of the year, all students are required to be involved with Westgate Christian School’s annual play. Every student will take part in some way, including costume and set design, prop management and acquisition, sound production and effects, and acting in the play themselves.

Their involvement in the play is the final piece to the overall Speech and Drama experience, and is an invaluable part of their education.