School Uniforms

We Firmly Believe That Our School Uniforms Allow The Administration, Staff And Students To Concentrate More On Studies And Classroom Activities


We are making an effort to always keep our “brand” as a school visible and something to be recognized in the community.  Our uniforms become an extension of the school anytime they are seen in the community and have the potential to make others aware of our school if they haven’t heard of it previously.

Our K3 and K4 students are NOT required to wear uniforms. Please see handbook for specific guidelines.

Starting now we are introducing new uniform colors and options to match our new school logo.  Existing uniforms may be worn for three years. 

We now have ONE vendor, LAND'S END, that we are using for school uniforms. Please see the detailed information.

K5-5th Grade
Both Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Polo Shirts are available in Navy, light Blue, and White.  Boys are allowed to wear navy and khaki pants.  K5-3rd grade boys are allowed to wear uniform shorts during the warm months. Girls have the option to wear either Land End's jumper, dress, or skirts in navy, khaki, or plaid.  Sweaters and fleece jackets are also available through Land's End.
6th-12th Grade
Both Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Polo Shirts are available in Navy and Light Blue.  White is available for BOYS ONLY.   Boys are allowed to wear Navy or Khaki pants.  Girls are allowed to wear Navy or Khaki skirts, below-the-knee. Sweaters and fleece jackets are available through Land's End.

Our preferred vendor for our new uniforms is Land’s End.  They have created a school specific store for us within their website.  If you would like to order new uniforms items for this year or next, click https://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900189200
Our school number is:  900189200

Please call the office with any questions.

Samples are available in the office if you would like to see them.