Our elementary teachers strive to developing Christian character and instill a Christian worldview into their students. Each academic subject is presented from a distinctly Biblical approach that helps our students become stewards of their God-given abilities.

At the elementary level, Westgate Christian School utilizes Christ-centered books and curriculum materials from Bob Jones Press and ABEKA publishers, primarily.

Our reading program is phonics-based and stresses fluidity, comprehension, and vocabulary development at each level.  Proper use of the parts of speech, punctuation, spelling and composition of sentences and paragraphs to express clear thoughts and ideas is the goal of our Grammar classes.

The emphasis of the mathematics program is on the development of number skills, mathematical operations and problem-solving strategies through the incremental approach of the Saxon Math curriculum.

Our Science program, utilizing the Scientific Method from the Creationist viewpoint , seeks to reveal to our students the power of God manifested through the order and Complexity of the Physical world and its processes.

Heritage Studies:
In Heritage Studies, the students are taught about the Christian foundations of our Nation and are encouraged to be patriotic and involved citizens in our communities.

In our Bible classes each child is challenged to know the Lord, Jesus Christ and take spiritual steps toward Christlikeness.

Achievement Tests:
Each year, WCS administers the nationally-normed and highly respected IOWA testing and CogAT Ability tests at each grade level for the evaluation of student progress and program effectiveness. These assessments are distributed to parents along with a diagnostic of areas of strength and weakness with the last report card of the year.

Our elementary students regularly go on educational field trips.