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Exploring Our World

K5 students are filled with natural curiosity. Our teachers help them develop broad interests and equip them with the tools they need to explore their world. Kindergarten is a time of excitement and eagerness to learn. Our kindergarten class is where we lay a foundation for the first grade. 

Our K5 program introduces students to phonics and reading and prepares them for more focused studies in history and science. We integrate a variety of activities to give them hands-on experience and further ignite their desire for knowledge.

We also help K5 students develop a solid foundation for math concepts using engaging methods like games, colorful manipulatives, and creative activities.

Because we believe in the value of a biblical worldview, we weave God’s Truth throughout each discipline. And each day includes a focused time of biblical teaching to reveal the character of God and help students understand His love for them. 

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How To Register Your Child for K5 at Westgate Christian School

We have a simple, online application process. Once you click the application link, follow the step-by-step instructions. If any questions arise, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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Kindergarten Curriculum

We primarily use BJU Press as our kindergarten curriculum.


Reading & Writing

In kindergarten we focus on phonics and lay a strong foundation for reading. Our primary goal is reading readiness, and by the end of the school year most students will be able to read at a basic level.


We emphasize foundational math concepts and engage students with a fun and hands-on approach to math. We implement games, creative activities, and colorful manipulatives to gain and keep student interest. 

Science & History

Kindergarten is a time to incite interest and curiosity about the disciplines of science and history. We introduce basic concepts and give students a launching pad to further explore these ideas throughout elementary school and beyond.


 Aside from weaving a biblical worldview throughout our curriculum, Bible is also a scheduled time each day. We purpose to cultivate a love for God’s Word that will blossom into a reliance on the Lord and His power in their lives. 

Elementary Enrichments & Extracurricular

Our elementary enrichments and extracurricular opportunities begin in kindergarten. Your K5 student will enjoy the benefits of these classes and activities throughout the year. Our enrichment program is designed to stimulate their curiosity, imagination, and interest beyond academics.



K5 students are introduced to our choir program that is available through the 12th grade. During kindergarten, they will learn the fundamentals of choral singing while learning to enjoy the musical process. 

Computer & Library Skills

Kindergarten through 5th grade have weekly computer and library classes to give them real experience. They will build on their skills throughout elementary school. 

Physical Education & Afterschool Sports

Students can engage in youth sports leagues to promote physical activity, a team mindset, and good sportsmanship. 

Art & Crafts

Guided, hands-on art program to introduce young artists to foundational concepts. Our program is designed to spark curiosity and interest. 



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