Home Education

Westgate Christian Home Education Association

WCHEA was started as a new initiative back during the 2011-2012 school year.  It was, and continues to be, a major addition to our developing outreach to home educators.

You can fulfill all South Carolina State Requirements for home schooling as a member of WCHEA. For information about South Carolina State Requirements for receiving a High School Diploma please click here.

We are trying to be better stewards of our excellent faculty and facilities by restructuring schedules and class offerings to accommodate the needs and desires of home educators.

The SCACS Fine Arts Competitions are held annually in early Spring. Run-offs are scheduled to determine participants for each category. If you plan on having your child compete in SCACS, they must be at this run-off in order to be eligible. Specific dates and rules are announced in the Fall.

Please make sure you are prepared if you plan to compete.

* Home educators should be aware that SCACS membership is required to participate in their competition.  Contact our office for applicable fees and rules that govern participation. These fees and rules are in place to protect both the integrity and sustainability of the festival.