The Exceptional Edge

Academic Support Center

The Exceptional Edge provides additional academic support to students through various levels of tutoring, ESL support, and directed learning for disabilities. Our students spend most of their time in mainstream classrooms but receive additional support through our program. 

We currently offer four levels of academic support: 

Tutoring Center

We provide tutoring for general education students who need minimal academic support to maintain grade-level status.

  • Eligible students (of any age) must have below a “C” average in any core subject.
  • Individualized instruction involves one teacher for one student billable at $30 per hour for up to five hours per week.
  • Small group instruction involves one teacher to three students. The cost is $1,500 annually for one hour daily.

Tutorial Study Hall

We offer tutoring services for students who need daily assistance with study skills, organization, and homework help.

  • Eligible students are in grades 6-12.
  • Instruction involves one teacher to eight students for 50 minutes daily.
  • The cost is $750 annually.

ESL Tutoring

We provide weekly classes for students who first language is not English. This can help students improve academically in subjects that require a firm command of language and communication skills.

  • Students from all grades are eligible if the assessment determines that a language barrier is impeding academic success.
  • Instruction involves one teacher to eight students for 30 minutes once per week.
  • Currently, there is no additional cost for this service.

Directed Learning Center

Our Directed Learning Center offers resource classes for students with documented learning disabilities, ADHD, or a processing deficit. Often, these students have tremendous learning abilities but struggle to reach their full potential in general education classrooms. We have designed resource classes with qualified teachers who provide explicit instruction tailored to each student’s learning style and needs. Students are challenged to reach their full potential as they are encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities.


  •  to provide explicit instruction in areas of difficulty
  • to make clear assessments of a student’s abilities
  • to determine classroom accommodations or modifications that will help students succeed in the general education classroom
  • to assist the student in developing study skills, time management skills, and organizational strategies.
  • to meet with parents and faculty members to offer support in the best learning practices for a student with disabilities


A student must have a documented learning disability, ADHD, processing disorder, or be in the evaluation process to be eligible for Directed Learning Center services. Students must have a written Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that outlines all accommodations or modifications the student should receive in the general classroom and resource classes. The ISP should also include diploma options and accommodations for standardized testing.

Currently, there are no charges for services outlined in a student’s ISP. However, if a parent requests additional help not specified in the ISP, a $30 per hour charge will apply for one-to-one instruction.

Melissa Peart

Melissa Peart

Director, The Exceptional Edge

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At Westgate Christian School, we value each student and purpose to help every one succeed in reaching his God-given potential. If you have questions about your child’s academic struggles or would like to know about  The Exceptional Edge, please contact Melissa Peart: