About Us

Westgate Christian School has existed since 1981 to train and encourage young people to grow spiritually and excel academically. We strive to infuse every academic course with a biblical worldview and our desire is to train young people to use their abilities for the glory of God at a local church ministry. We believe our job is to help develop the abilities of students and encourage them to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

The question of enrollment usually comes down to distinctives. Most private schools will do a reasonable job educationally and offer a safe and productive environment for your children to learn. How is Westgate DIFFERENT from your other choices AFFORDABILITY — We scrutinize every dollar so that we can offer the highest level of academic preparation for the greatest value. Our teachers are not only highly qualified but very experienced yet they are willing to teach for less than 50% of what they could make in the public system. They are all committed Christians who are willing to serve for less because they understand it may make the difference for families like yours being able to afford Christian education.

The other distinctive of Westgate is that we are solidly and unapologetically a CHRISTIAN school. Christ and His Word are central in our ministry and educational philosophy. Our commitment to Christ drives every part of our decision making process.

We encourage you to consider Westgate as you prayerfully compare your educational options. We trust that God will lead you to the right decision for your family. Please call today to set up a tour and see for yourself the value of our DISTINCTIVES.